Tips for Parents to Help Reduce Underage DUI Risks

The risks of being involved in underage DUI involving a teen are much higher during summer. In summer, almost every night is a chance for a party that involves the use of alcohol, and parents must be extra cautious during these months.

While teenagers and high school students have plenty to do during the day, they may have nothing to do at night. Parents must understand that during summer, children have too much free time on their hands and don't what to do. Parents also tend to be more laid-back and relaxed about rules during summer. That means children are much more like likely to engage in activity that increases the risk of being involved in a DUI arrest, or even an alcohol-related car accident.

The risk of underage drinking increases marginally during the summer months. In order to reduce the risk of irresponsible drinking practices involving children, make sure that you drink responsibly around them. Avoid giving underage drinkers alcohol. Many young underage drinkers are given alcohol by their parents or adults around them. Use tragic examples of accidents in your neighborhood to drive home the “don't drink” message.

Also make sure that your child is aware of all the consequences of being arrested for DUI at his age. An underage DUI arrest can mean not just an immediate license suspension and penalties, but also an impaired ability to get into the college of his choice, or playing his favorite sport in college. An underage DUI conviction can even affect a person after college, impacting his job and career.