Letter from a Satisfied Client

Below is a letter sent by the parents of a 2011 client.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am thankful to report the case against our son has been dropped! We thank each and every one of you for your support as we labored through this 2 ½ year ordeal. There were many lessons learned on this journey, one of which is the sustaining power of real friends and family willing to do whatever is necessary to assist.

We also are exceptionally grateful for the brilliance of our attorney Robert Wilson from Hutton and Wilson. Mr. Wilson’s experience and instincts were resolute and effective in spite of my own persistence to explore other options.

I / we have never had a need to use an attorney for personal reasons prior to this event. Once you retain an attorney and become vested (with a large check), you become reluctant to push too hard in fear of pissing them off. Yet at the same time, you have many questions due to the unlimited incompetency of the court system…this often creates repetitive questions because the system and process often just does not make sense. In the beginning I felt the staff at Hutton and Wilson were expertly trained to model / demonstrate empathy; it did not take long to realize these people really do care about justice and for their clients on a personal level…their ability to exercise tacit concern, emotional intelligence, and patience was an essential factor.

Finally, the absence of integrity categorically tattooed on the forehead of all attorney’s in our culture is a myth. I just received a call from Mr. Wilson’s office asking where to mail the $16,000 check they held in a custodian account in the event we went to trial…they could have kept every penny of that and it still would have been worth it to us.

I hope this good news makes your day.