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  • Five Hilarious DUI Arrests

    Alcohol can make people do some strange things. When this is the case, the police are often notified, and in some cases the ensuing story is one that can be weird, odd, and sometimes downright hilarious. While you should always take a DUI charge seriously and retain legal representation from a Los Angeles DUI attorney as soon as possible, it’s perfectly okay to learn from the mistakes of others, ...
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  • Preventing Prom DUI

    It prom season, and unfortunately as DUI lawyers see, it is also high season for underage DUI. It is one of the most memorable times in a teen's life. Unfortunately for many teenagers, it also leads to a DUI conviction, and possibly involvement in a drunk driving accident. For teens across California, prom is one of the most momentous times. The entire year, high school girls and boys plan for ...
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  • Teenagers Most Susceptible to Alcohol-Related Blackouts

    Destructive drinking practices by teenage drivers can not only increase the risk of being involved in an accident, but could also lead to a DUI arrest. According to a new study, teenagers between 15 and 19 are much more likely to suffer a blackout after binging on alcohol. The results of the study were published recently in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research . The ...
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  • Social Host Laws May Help Reduce Underage DUI

    A new study finds that states that have social host laws which hold adults liable when they provide alcohol to underage drinkers could actually have a lowered incidence of teenage drinking or underage DUI. The study was published recently in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, and found that the number of teenagers who reported consuming alcohol dropped, when they lived in towns where ...
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  • Underage Drinkers Are Partial to Certain Alcohol Brands

    Binge drinking is a widespread problem in the underage drinker category. Even though the minimum legal age for consuming alcohol in the United States is 21, there are far too many teenagers who not only drink alcohol, but also consume excessive amounts of alcohol. According to a new study, when teenagers drink excessive amounts of alcohol, they are also very picky about the brand they drink. The ...
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  • Increase in Drinking Age Report Is a Hoax

    Many Americans fell victim to an Internet hoax recently which claimed that the minimum legal drinking age across the country would soon be increased to 24. The article was published by SUNDAY TIMES DAILY, and reported that as of August this year, the legal age to drink across the country will increase to 25 instead of the current 21. Many Americans stumbled across the piece of news which went ...
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  • British Universities Try New Initiatives to Reduce Underage DUI

    Underage drinking and driving is a challenge for colleges and universities across the globe TO deal with. In the United Kingdom, colleges and universities are making stronger efforts to handle the challenge that binge driving poses. Several British universities have signed on to be part of the NUS Alcohol Impact project which is targeted at specifically lowering student binge drinking rates dates, ...
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  • Tips for Parents to Help Reduce Underage DUI Risks

    The risks of being involved in underage DUI involving a teen are much higher during summer. In summer, almost every night is a chance for a party that involves the use of alcohol, and parents must be extra cautious during these months. While teenagers and high school students have plenty to do during the day, they may have nothing to do at night. Parents must understand that during summer, ...
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  • College Women More Likely to Drink Excessively

    Binge drinking is widely prevalent in American colleges, and contributes to a number of undesirable practices, including underage DUI . However, while many people are aware that binge drinking- the drinking or consumption of five or more alcoholic beverages during a single session -is dangerous, there isn't a lot of attention paid to the fact that drinking excessively on a weekly basis can also be ...
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  • Alcohol-Related Scenes in Movies Could Contribute to Underage DUI

    A new study finds that more teenagers are being exposed to scenes involving alcohol consumption in the movies, and this could possibly affect their alcohol-related behaviors in real life. That means an increased risk of undesirable drinking practices, including excessive drinking, and even DUI . The findings came from new research published in JAMA Pediatrics , and found that while American ...
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  • DUI is Not the Only Deadly Teen Drinking Practice

    The risk of a teen being involved in a DUI arrest or even worse an alcohol-related car accident is not the only reason why you should be concerned about your child’s alcohol practices. A new study finds that there are a number of other ways that teenagers are killed every year when they engage in unhealthy alcohol-related behaviors, and drunk driving accidents account for just a small proportion ...
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  • Pre-Drinking Increases Teen Risk of DUI

    Underage DUI is a serious problem facing parents, colleges and Pasadena DUI lawyers. Teenagers are at a higher risk for a number of destructive alcohol-related practices like binge drinking that increase their risks of driving under the influence and being arrested for DUI. However, there's another new practice that many teenagers are indulging in that also increases their risk of dangerous ...
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