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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • How to Stop Someone from Driving Drunk

    Being Responsible When Others Aren't Friends don't let friends drive drunk, because driving under the influence of alcohol can increase the risk of being arrested for a DUI. A DUI has several potentially serious consequences that can last over the long term, or even permanently. It Is Easy To Make Mistakes Avoid a situation where you are driving while intoxicated, and prevent friends from driving ...
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  • Cinco De Mayo Ranked Higher Than St. Patrick's Day in Alcohol Consumption

    Many people equate St. Patrick's Day with high alcohol consumption. Although St. Patrick's Day is a much beloved Irish holiday which sees a lot of alcohol consumption, the holiday ranks nowhere near Cinco De Mayo when it comes to the amount of alcohol that is guzzled. In fact, there are several holidays in the year that rank much higher than St. Patrick's Day when it comes to drinking, and at top ...
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  • Preventing Prom DUI

    It prom season, and unfortunately as DUI lawyers see, it is also high season for underage DUI. It is one of the most memorable times in a teen's life. Unfortunately for many teenagers, it also leads to a DUI conviction, and possibly involvement in a drunk driving accident. For teens across California, prom is one of the most momentous times. The entire year, high school girls and boys plan for ...
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  • What are DUI Sentencing Enhancements?

    In certain cases, your sentence for DUI may be enhanced which means that you will qualify for even more stringent penalties. In some DUI cases in California, individuals may qualify for a sentencing enhancement. That can significantly increase the penalties that you are eligible for. Some DUI cases may qualify for a sentencing enhancement. That means that you are automatically eligible for more ...
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  • New California Ruling Make It Easier for Drivers to Lose Licenses for DUI

    Under a ruling by the California Supreme Court, the Department Of Motor Vehicles can decide to suspend a person's license for DUI, based purely on his performance on a field sobriety test, or other pieces of circumstantial evidence. A new ruling passed by the California Supreme Court recently would allow the Department Of Motor Vehicles to consider circumstantial evidence to determine if a person ...
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