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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • California “Avoid DUI” Task Force Campaign in Effect

    Across Southern California over the next few days, you will find more numbers of law-enforcement officers as the holiday season’s officially DUI enforcement campaign kicks in. The Avoid DUI Task Force will be conducting operations across the Orange County region. If you are a motorist in La Habra, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Orange, Huntington Beach, or La Habra, you will find sobriety ...
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  • An Underutilized Tool to Avoid DUI This Season

    Often, simple steps can help prevent a DUI arrest. During the holiday season, your chances of being arrested for DUI are much higher, and therefore, it makes sense during this time of the year at least, to use all the technologies and tools that are available to help avoid an arrest. For instance, in California, the state administration has a DUI app that very few motorists even know of. The app ...
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  • Former Cop Arrested Twice for DUI in 11 Hours

    A cop being arrested for DUI is nothing new, but still manages to shock. In Connecticut, a former police officer was arrested not once, but twice for DUI over a period of 11 hrs. Not just that, just before the first DUI arrest, he had made his appearance at a courtroom on an earlier drunk driving charge. The police officer had quit the Bridgeport Police Department after a conviction for reckless ...
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  • NJ DUI Appeal Based on Lack of Statement Tossed out

    A court in New Jersey has dismissed an appeal filed by a man who claimed that his arrest and conviction of DUI were invalid because police officers failed to warn him about the penalties of refusing a breathalyzer test. The man was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving by police officers in 2011. He was administered a breathalyzer test, which registered at above the .08% legally permissible ...
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