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Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • Feds Recommend Cutoff for DUI Threshold of .05 Percent

    The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a dramatic recommendation in order to help reduce the number of people being killed in alcohol-related car accidents every year. The Board has recommended that the DUI threshold for the legal permissible level of .08 which is currently in place in so many states including California, be reduced to .05. The Board is recommending that all 50 states ...
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  • College Basketball Star Looking for New Job after DUI Arrest

    Being arrested for DUI can have a significant impact on your job, especially if you're working in positions of responsibility or authority. One Atlanta college basketball star is finding this out the hard way. The man Kenny Anderson has played with the NBA and Georgia Tech. He lost his job recently after being arrested for DUI. At the time, he was coaching basketball at a small school in Florida. ...
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  • Researchers Develop Roadside Breath Test for Drug-Related DUI

    In the near future, law-enforcement officers may be able to pull over a person who they believe is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and administer a roadside DUI test, that would determine the presence of drugs in the system. Swedish researchers have announced the development of a breathalyzer device that can actually test and determine the levels of marijuana, cocaine, and other ...
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