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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles or a surrounding community, you may not know how to select an attorney. Most people do not understand the specifics of law, the legal strategies an attorney might use, or the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. Additionally, most people arrested for DUI in Southern California do not know there is a difference between the criminal portion of their case and the DMV administrative portion of their case. Without such knowledge, a person arrested for DUI may lose their driver’s license and face harsh criminal penalties. These risks can be significantly reduced with the right Los Angeles DUI lawyer on your side.

After an arrest, you may receive unsolicited letters from various lawyers seeking employment. These letters, commonly called "jail mail," usually arrive several days after an arrest. They may complicate your choices and may mislead you. Most "jail mail" lawyers offer to represent a client at a nominal fee and lead the client to believe that they will receive some benefit from being represented by a "jail mail" attorney. In reality, lawyers who charge a nominal fee usually end up pleading the client guilty to the charge. The issue becomes, how does a prospective client separate the bad attorneys from the other lawyers? Who should you call? We help you figure it out.

Questions to Ask

You should quickly take the necessary steps to be referred to a lawyer who will aggressively, confidentially, and effectively represent your best interests. This sounds obvious but making the right choice may not be easy. The best referral sources to aid in identifying quality attorneys are recommendations from other attorneys or from relatives or friends who have had similar experiences. During the initial interview with the attorney and your research into their practice history, discover the attorney's background and effectiveness in handling DUI cases. The following is a list of appropriate questions to ask in an initial interview:

  • How many DUI jury trials have you done in your career and over the last several years?
  • Approximately how many have ended in acquittals or hung juries?
  • How many DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings have you done in the past year?
  • Approximately how many resulted in set asides?
  • Are you affiliated with and do you participate in the National College for DUI Defense and / or California Deuce Defenders?
  • Are you or have you ever been a certified specialist in criminal defense?

Though answers to the above may not be your only considerations when choosing a lawyer, they are important questions. Furthermore, the way they are answered may allow you to see how you will work with this attorney. Are you compatible? Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they seem to have your best interests in mind or are they preoccupied? You and your attorney do not have to be best friends but you must work well together. You should have a certain comfort level and know that the attorney will work confidentially, diligently, and aggressively on your case. They must have the dedication and the knowledge to work towards a favorable result to your case.

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