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Blog Posts in April, 2016

  • Here's Why DUI Charges Are Worth Fighting

    Too often, drivers accused of drunk driving feel that they are convicted of a crime before they even appear in court. They blew a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) number that was over the limit and they might as well accept their punishment. A recent—and bizarre—story from North Carolina, however, illustrates just how important fighting a DUI charge can be. As The News & Observer reports , Deputy ...
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  • Understanding California's "Look-Back" Period

    In California, repeat DUI offenses can lead to more severe criminal penalties. This a reality for countless accused who find themselves being charged with their second, third, or even fourth DUI. These mandatory enhancement laws are meant to act as a deterrent to repeat offenders... but only apply to prior DUI convictions up to a certain point. That's because California, like many other states, ...
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