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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Vague DUI Law Interferes with DUI Convictions

    In Michigan, a new DUI law that was meant to strengthen drugged driving laws has simply resulted in confusion, and additional headaches. The law is targeted at testing for impaired drivers, but has been poorly worded. However, the newly modified statutes have caused a lot of confusion, and many judges have thrown evidence on sobriety tests out of court. Cases have been dismissed because of ...
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  • Woman Arrested for DUI with Child in the Car

    A Pennsylvania mother is under arrest and faces several charges including drunk driving and child endangerment, for driving under the influence of alcohol with her child in the car. Heather Young was on her way to an apartment where she had plans of taking part in an orgy. With her was her seven-year-old child at the time. She was drunk at the time of driving to the apartment, and when an argument ...
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  • What Are DUI Programs?

    As part of your penalties for a DUI conviction, you may be mandated by a Los Angeles court to undergo DUI education programs or DUI classes. These programs are designed to educate offenders about the dangers of alcohol consumption, and driving under the influence of alcohol. They are designed to help prevent repeat DUI offenses. DUI programs in California must be approved by the Department of ...
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  • What If You Don't Agree to an Alcohol Test?

    In California, it is simply implied that you consent to alcohol tests. California is one of several states that have implied consent laws, and these laws hold that you consented to a chemical test for the presence of alcohol in your system, performed in the event that police officers suspect you of driving under the influence of alcohol. Under implied consent laws, you are considered to have given ...
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  • Videos Show Florida Drivers Refusing to Speak to Police at Checkpoints

    A revolution of sorts is underway in Florida, where motorists at DUI checkpoints are simply refusing to roll down their windows for police officers. They are uploading videos of their experiences, and many of the videos are becoming very popular. The entire evolution seems to have been kicked off by a lawyer, who has created and distributed flyers, advising motorists about how they can reduce the ...
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