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  • When Does a DUI Become a Felony?

    When you’re arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, you will typically be facing misdemeanor charges. While these are still very serious offenses, they can be elevated to a felony charge depending on the unique circumstances of your case. If you’re facing felony DUI charges, you need aggressive, knowledgeable defense to protect your rights and freedom. At Hutton & Wilson, Los Angeles’ premier DUI defense ...
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  • Why is Commercial DUI So Serious

    In California (and many other states across the nation) DUI is treated very seriously, and carries some very real penalties. This is especially true for those who hold commercial driver’s licenses, as they are subject to a lower blood alcohol content threshold, and face far more severe consequences. Arrested for DUI? Take control of the situation with help from our Los Angeles DUI lawyers at ...
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  • Goldilocks & the Three Los Angeles DUI Lawyers

    In this blog, we take a lighthearted look at the factors you should consider when looking for a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney. To learn how we can help defend you against charges, call our firm today at (626) 587-2220. The year is 2015, and Goldilocks is several decades removed from her run-in with the infamous bears. After leaving a dinner with her coworkers at the porridge factory, Goldilocks ...
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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About DUI

    DUI is one of the most commonly committed misdemeanor offenses, and as a result there is a lot of misinformation out there. In this blog, our Los Angeles DUI lawyers discuss five lesser known facts about DUI law. If you’re facing any type of DUI charge, contact our firm today for the tough, aggressive defense you need. 1. Breathalyzer Tests Are Often Beatable One of the most common myths about DUI ...
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  • 3 Ways a Breathalyzer Test Can Be Wrong

    Can Breathalyzers Be Wrong? There are many different reasons why a breathalyzer may produce a false-positive. Acetone, for example, is in the breath of an average person. However, diabetics experiencing hypoglycemia may have higher levels of acetone on their breath and could receive a false reading of 0.06% or higher. In a DUI case, the results of a breath test are one of the most common pieces of ...
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  • Are Marijuana Breathalyzers Coming Soon?

    With the recent legalization efforts in Washington, Colorado, and now Oregon, it’s becoming clear that the nation’s stance on marijuana is in flux. Although the drug is legal for medicinal use in California, police are nonetheless cracking down on those who drive under the influence of marijuana. With this increased focus, it should come as no surprise that companies are trying to cash in on the ...
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  • California Highway Patrol Reports Increase in DUI Arrests

    The California Highway Patrol arrested more numbers of persons for DUI over the Fourth Of July weekend this year, compared to last year. According to statistics, statewide, the California Highway Patrol arrested 803 people for DUI across California, between July 3 and July 5. However, in 2014 during the same period of time, the California Highway Patrol officers had made 747 arrests for DUI. ...
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  • Prevent DUI Involving your Guests

    Many DUI arrests every year involve persons who consumed alcohol at a party or a social gathering. Be a responsible host, and reduce the risks of your friends and loved ones being arrested for DUI, by taking a few precautions when you're hosting a party. A good host not only makes sure that a person gets to enjoy themselves at a party, but also makes sure that they get home safely without the risk ...
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  • How Do Cops Spot a Drunk Driver?

    When police officers pull a person over on suspicion of DUI, they may have done so because they have noticed some kind of kind of suspicious driving behavior that has led them to believe that the person is driving under the influence of alcohol. If you engage in the following types of driving behavior, you are much more likely to be pulled over by a police officer on suspicion of driving under the ...
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  • DUI-Proof Cars Could Be Here Soon

    If an initiative by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is fruitful, then DUI could soon be a thing of the past. The federal administration is collaborating with a number of automakers and industry suppliers to produce a car that would make it impossible for people to drive under the influence of alcohol. Recently, the coalition announced new developments in the project to develop ...
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  • California Lawmakers Mull Drug-Detection Technology

    Soon, law enforcement officers in California could use drug-detection technology to determine whether motorists are driving under the influence of drugs, including cocaine and marijuana. California lawmakers are currently considering a proposal that would allow police officers to use drug-detection technology to identify whether drivers have marijuana, cocaine, heroin or other drugs in their ...
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  • Memorial Day DUI Campaign Underway

    In preparation for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is sponsoring an anti-DUI campaign that will be seen on dozens of electronic message boards across California. The “Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving” campaign was established back in 2005 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and is now a regular feature on the 790 electronic ...
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  • How to Stop Someone from Driving Drunk

    Being Responsible When Others Aren't Friends don't let friends drive drunk, because driving under the influence of alcohol can increase the risk of being arrested for a DUI. A DUI has several potentially serious consequences that can last over the long term, or even permanently. It Is Easy To Make Mistakes Avoid a situation where you are driving while intoxicated, and prevent friends from driving ...
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  • Cinco De Mayo Ranked Higher Than St. Patrick's Day in Alcohol Consumption

    Many people equate St. Patrick's Day with high alcohol consumption. Although St. Patrick's Day is a much beloved Irish holiday which sees a lot of alcohol consumption, the holiday ranks nowhere near Cinco De Mayo when it comes to the amount of alcohol that is guzzled. In fact, there are several holidays in the year that rank much higher than St. Patrick's Day when it comes to drinking, and at top ...
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  • Preventing Prom DUI

    It prom season, and unfortunately as DUI lawyers see, it is also high season for underage DUI. It is one of the most memorable times in a teen's life. Unfortunately for many teenagers, it also leads to a DUI conviction, and possibly involvement in a drunk driving accident. For teens across California, prom is one of the most momentous times. The entire year, high school girls and boys plan for ...
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