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Blog Posts in May, 2014

  • British Universities Try New Initiatives to Reduce Underage DUI

    Underage drinking and driving is a challenge for colleges and universities across the globe TO deal with. In the United Kingdom, colleges and universities are making stronger efforts to handle the challenge that binge driving poses. Several British universities have signed on to be part of the NUS Alcohol Impact project which is targeted at specifically lowering student binge drinking rates dates, ...
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  • How You Can Avoid a DUI Arrest

    It’s what every motorist dreads. That patrol car pulling you over has an officer who has reasonable suspicion to believe that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. What you do after you are pulled over can play a major role in deciding whether you are arrested for DUI . One major mistake that persons seeking a DUI lawyer often make is admitting to having had “just a couple of drinks” ...
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  • Supreme Court Rules Police Can Make DUI Arrest Based on Anonymous Tip

    A recent decision by the Supreme Court allows police officers to pull over a person on suspicion of drunk driving, based solely on an anonymous call. The decision came in a case involving a DUI arrest in California 2008. A 911 dispatch in Humboldt County reportedly got an anonymous call from a motorist reporting that a Ford pickup truck had just driven her off the road. The anonymous tip provided ...
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  • Teens Miss Prom after Being Forced to Take Breathalyzer Tests

    A group of Florida teenagers who were all dressed up and excited about their high school prom, were not able to enjoy the event after all. The reason? They were all - 40 of them - subjected to breathalyzer tests after an empty champagne bottle was found in the private bus that had been chartered for the occasion. The 40 students had chartered a private bus for the most important night of the year. ...
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  • Arizona Supreme Court Rules Presence of Inactive Marijuana Components in System Not DUI

    In a groundbreaking new ruling, the Arizona Supreme Court has announced that motorists driving with inactive metabolites of marijuana in their system are not at risk of being charged with DUI . Those inactive compounds of marijuana are called carboxy THC, and these are not psychoactive. Persons who are driving with these metabolites in their system not be at risk of intoxicated driving, and may ...
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