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Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Name Dropping May Not Help You Avoid a DUI Arrest

    When police officers pull you over, they are doing so with the intention of getting a positive reading, and arresting you for DUI. It's not likely that you can flaunt your connections to get away, as one New York model found out recently. The model, Dana Tomanovich was recently arrested for DUI by officers in New York. The arrest occurred after the model was involved in an accident. She crashed ...
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  • Uber Is Turning out to Be a Drunk Driver’s Best Friend

    Research seems to indicate that intoxicated motorists, or even partiers who are not sure whether they are legally allowed to drive, are making use of taxi service app Uber. Data released by Uber seems to suggest that many motorists are using the app not only to go out, but also to avoid a DUI . The data specifically focused on the state of Pennsylvania, which had the fourth highest number of DUI ...
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  • College Football Player Dismissed from Team Because of DUI

    The National Football League has found itself under increasing pressure recently to take disciplinary action against athletes who are arrested for DUI or convicted of DUI. Now, the pressure is on colleges and universities as well. University of Idaho team athlete Dezmon Epps was recently suspended from the team following a DUI arrest. The arrest occurred in the month of April, when Epps was ...
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  • Woman Arrested for DUI at McDonald's Drive-Thru

    A woman, who arrived at a McDonald's drive-thru intoxicated with a child in the car, has been charged with DUI. The incident occurred in Massachusetts, where the 28-year-old woman apparently arrived at a McDonald's drive-thru in an intoxicated condition. Employees who noticed that she was driving under the influence of alcohol with a toddler in the car called police officers. The police arrested ...
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  • New Federal Legislation Would Require Ignition Interlock Devices for All DUI Offenders

    The House of Representatives is soon expected to introduce new legislation that would require that all states order DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles for a minimum of six months. The bill will be introduced by Representative Nita Lowey (Democrat-New York) who says that drunk driving costs the American economy approximately $132 billion each year. According to ...
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