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Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • Breathalyzer Unable to Measure Alcohol Content in Iowa City DUI Case

    Police in Iowa City had more than they could handle on their hands recently when they came across an intoxicated driver, and found that he was so drunk that the breathalyzer was unable to measure his exact blood alcohol level. Police were alerted to this driver by a woman, who reported to police that she had been given a lift by a 28-year-old motorist over the weekend. According to her, the car ...
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  • Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI

    Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber was recently arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami. According to news reports, the singer was racing with his friends and was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time. The singing star and his entourage had apparently blocked off traffic on a stretch of the street in a residential area, to create a racing strip for the musician. According to ...
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  • Multiple Penalties Await Drunk Driver Who Impersonated Owl on a Tree

    A drunk motorist was arrested recently for his third drunk driving offense after causing an accident, and is due for some stringent penalties. However, this is not a case that would've garnered much media attention, if the motorist in this case had stayed at the scene of the accident to begin with. The drama began when the motorist lost control of his car as he was driving under the influence of ...
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  • Marijuana DUI Laws Can Be Tricky

    The media has carried a number of stories in recent days on the heavy demand for marijuana in Colorado, which recently became the first state in the country to legally sell marijuana for recreational purposes. Not surprisingly, the debate has once again veered into the impact of the new law on motorists driving under the influence of marijuana . Los Angeles DUI lawyers have found little evidence ...
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  • Study Finds Steady Declines in Drunk Driving

    Every time, there's a major holiday California transportation agencies expound non-stop on the large numbers of expected intoxicated drivers on the street. However, as any Los Angeles DUI lawyer will tell you, the numbers of intoxicated drivers on California roads has actually been declining steadily over the past few years. New research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirms this ...
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