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Blog Posts in June, 2013

  • Los Angeles Police Commander Removed after DUI Arrest

    If you work in professions that involve public authority and responsibility, then you are likely to find that your employment is under a cloud if you are arrested for DUI . In Los Angeles, the captain of a Los Angeles Police Department has been removed as commander after he was arrested recently for DUI. The Los Angeles Police Department veteran is believed to be no longer running the Rampart ...
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  • College Women More Likely to Drink Excessively

    Binge drinking is widely prevalent in American colleges, and contributes to a number of undesirable practices, including underage DUI . However, while many people are aware that binge drinking- the drinking or consumption of five or more alcoholic beverages during a single session -is dangerous, there isn't a lot of attention paid to the fact that drinking excessively on a weekly basis can also be ...
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  • Study Finds Many Designated Drivers Fail to Remain Sober

    A study recently conducted by the University of Florida found that many so-called designated drivers , who were expected to remain sober, were anything but. The researchers analyzed breath tests conducted on people who were heading out of a bar on a weekend. The researchers focused on people who described themselves as designated drivers, and found that many designated drivers were not completely ...
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  • Alcohol-Related Scenes in Movies Could Contribute to Underage DUI

    A new study finds that more teenagers are being exposed to scenes involving alcohol consumption in the movies, and this could possibly affect their alcohol-related behaviors in real life. That means an increased risk of undesirable drinking practices, including excessive drinking, and even DUI . The findings came from new research published in JAMA Pediatrics , and found that while American ...
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