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Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • Tips for Parents to Help Reduce Underage DUI Risks

    The risks of being involved in underage DUI involving a teen are much higher during summer. In summer, almost every night is a chance for a party that involves the use of alcohol, and parents must be extra cautious during these months. While teenagers and high school students have plenty to do during the day, they may have nothing to do at night. Parents must understand that during summer, ...
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  • NFL Player Groups Negotiate Tougher DUI Penalties

    Facing a growing amount of criticism over a large number of DUI arrests involving its players, the National Football League is taking steps to placate critics. The League is believed to be in negotiations with players’ groups and associations to determine tougher penalties for players who are arrested for driving under the influence. According to a database of National Football League players by ...
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  • There Is Nothing to LOL about Facebooking after DUI

    It should be one of those rules that no Los Angeles DUI lawyer should have to warn anybody about, but there are far too many people taking to social networking sites like Facebook to post confessions about their behavior after driving under the influence. Recently, a teenager in Oregon was arrested after he crashed into two cars while driving under the influence of alcohol. The teenager fled the ...
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  • Alcohol Is Most Abused Drug on Campus

    According to new government data that was released by the federal administration, the most abused drug on college campuses across the country is not marijuana, but alcohol . The data came from the US Department of Education , funded Core Alcohol and Drug Survey, and the statistics were released earlier this year. The data was collected between 2009 and 2011. According to the survey, as many as ...
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  • Odom Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

    The NBA's tryst with DUI continues. Recently, Lamar Odom became the latest NBA player to be arrested for DUI. According to the Los Angeles Times, the player was driving erratically along a California freeway, when California Highway Patrol officers asked him to pull over. However, he kept on driving even after several efforts by the California Highway Patrol officers to make him pull over. He ...
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